I have had the opportunity to work in commercial and residential settings, interiors and exteriors. My work includes decorative painting with paint effects, faux finishes, stencilling, furniture painting and a variety of specialist mural painting.
Below you will find some categories with a selection of photo galleries.

Click through for the various different projects I have been involved with.

Commercial Residential Murals

Company Logos, Business Identity, Business Branding.

Decorative Church Painting

Gold Leaf / gilding and stencil work in historic buildings and churches.

Decorative Paint Finishes

Extensive experience decorating and painting buildings and houses of all periods… particularly au fait with Victorian house painting, Georgian house painting and paint repairs. Historically accurate and seamless restoration of paint finishes and murals.

Gold Leaf Gilding

Wall, landscape, portrait, abstract, canvas painting, visuals, drawings, one off, tailored.

Historic Restoration

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School – Children’s Murals

Large-scale murals created in school environments.


PRO MURALS is a specialist murals, decorative painting and restoration business based in Birmingham



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